We can bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Your gently used clothing gives people a new start.
April 29, 2014
Children deserve better. Share and Save the Children’s Values.
May 3, 2014

We can bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Our efforts focus on providing services directly for children, as well as assistance to families who often struggle to overcome the many associated difficulties. Most people live in rural areas; they depend mainly on farming activities for income, which yield very low levels of productivity and revenue. Additionally, there are several realities that make an agricultural way of life even harder in Vietnam:

Natural disasters like floods and droughts
Lack of infrastructure like paved roads, markets or clean water
Depleted natural resources and increasing farm sizes
Lack of education and skills, including a disproportionate deficit among women
Limited access to financial services, medical services, markets, and value chains
Reliance on traditional, manual farming techniques.

It takes a change at the foundational level to fight poverty. Things we can take for granted, like clean water, health and education, are a constant battle for families in rural Vietnam. By addressing these challenges, we can bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Our services are mostly financial, but also include intervention and medical referrals.

For additional donation, with $27 a month, the sponsor can extend his/her help to the poor family. We will transfer it to the needy family based on their specific needs and capacity. This may include scholarships for their children, monthly subsidies or even the donation of breeds for farming production to increase household income.



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